Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blogger Spotlight ~ Anna MacArthur

I like watching people grow.
Before you assume I'm a really slow creeper, let me explain.
There's a young woman I've known since she was a younger girl, and that whole time she's been developing her talent for art.
I've mentioned Under the Bear Hood before. The blogger over there is Anna MacArthur, artist and author. I've known her since I was 15. So that would be... (20ish subtract the 15...hmm) 9 years.

She displays her art online through devinantArt as Eightcrows and as TheBookof-thePeddler, and on her own blog.

The drawings and paintings that she's released usually feature characters from the books she is writing or important characters from another's story.
Her pictures range from cheerful to creepy

TT Reports 3 picture by eightcrows

Viva el Papa by eightcrows 

What an empty house you have... by eightcrows

The Hanging Tree by eightcrows

Hollow childhood by TheBookof-ThePeddler

And there's this: my favorite of her stylings

I love the use of pen, lines, and proportion. I can't help but think this would a good way to illustrate an old world fairy tale where too many things go wrong.

In addition to all that, she regularly draws little comic strips about her own life. They are simple and boldly honest. I love that about them.


So, please, go visit Anna MacArthur and have a gander. It'll be fun.


  1. Thank you very much!! :)

    Your inclusion of the picture of Jaime and Eduardo prompts me to ask: You finished Young Justice yet??

    1. You're very welcome.
      I have finished it! Honestly, that was amazing. One of the better animated shows out there- heck! it was just an all around solid story, compared to live action stories or otherwise.