Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Few Weeks In

I've been a nanny now for a few weeks and everything has gone swimmingly! The week starts with planning meals and grocery shopping, and then I'll nanny and cook until Friday evening. I write in my downtime (and wander pinterest [for hours] and play on neopets [here's my BD pet] but that's okay because I'm still adult-like no matter how many times I click refresh on my habitarium). I've actually gotten some work done on my writing projects- including story planning, world mapping, character developing, and even writing the story itself. That makes me pretty happy when I reflect on it.

So far, I've made Colorado Burritos, Apricot Curry Chicken, Hummus ChickenBrined Pork Chops with Creamed Onions, Chicken Kale Lasagna, Shrimp Gyoza, and Mughlai Chicken with lentils. I've also made Shepard's Pie without a recipe, using my secret beef spice. This coming week will see Cardamom chicken on rice and hamburgers using Eland meat.

I'm looking for apartments in my new area, re-budgeting my budget, and attempting to convince myself that adult-like is like enough unto adulthood. I'm not entirely fooled, but it means so much to me that I try not to disillusion myself too harshly. I catch myself daydreaming about biking to work like a good little urbanite and then biking back to my own, empty home at the end of every day. Do you know how good that sounds to me? Quiet solitude? It sounds beautiful, my friend.
I think I've found an apartment that's run-down enough for a first-time, adult-like abode (meaning cheap enough) but still secure enough and structurally stable enough to live in and even invite other adult-likes to movie marathons and Jak and Daxter play offs (with pie). I will, of course, let you know how that progresses. Not like I could keep it to myself if I do have the good fortune to be able to move.

The same old struggles go on in my head. I'm figuring out my various relationships, future, and self- or floundering to. Self-doubt and general distrust oxidize my soul daily. I'm piecing together what it means to be angry.

One of these days I will qualify my shadowed allusions to some dark secret. One of these days I will give the context for my fear. This is not that day. I'll let you know when it is. Until then, find me on Pinterest or Neopets. I'll be there!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Face

Today was my first day of work at my new job.
I'd like to pause a moment to let the splendor of this occasion sink in.
I will also take this moment to imagine myself standing proudly on a summit, arms akimbo and head thrust back, cutting a romantic and heroic silhouette.
I have a blue collar on now, folks! Check it out!

So, obviously, I've taken the nanny position. I am currently living with a wonderful family and caring for their littlest member. Baby is precious as any baby and my mothering instinct is in serious danger of kicking in- permanently.

Part of the agreement is that I plan and execute dinners throughout the week for the family. Yesterday evening the Missus and I perused my boards on pinterest for recipes and found a few to try out.

For tonight, we selected Hummus Crusted Chicken, which I made. It turned out really well and all enjoyed it.
I used this recipe [] though I didn't measure much of anything and used only three chicken breasts.
I halved the chicken breasts and scored them. Then I rubbed them with chile powder, fresh ground pepper, salt, lemon juice, and olive oil before setting them on the bed of vegetables.
The hummus I made by blending a can of chick peas with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and garlic. I omitted the tahini, simple because none was on hand. I ended up using the whole amount on the chicken.
It was incredible.
I was afraid that the hummus would dry out, or just fall off during cooking. But that didn't happen. It looked beautiful, it tasted good, the texture of the chicken and hummus was great, and the squash and onions were perfect.

Sorry! I don't have any pictures to prove my endeavors. You'll just have to trust me.

I am still on edge, ready at any moment to fail in some small way and be fired for it, tossed out with some scathing remarks. However, this frightening scenario seems reasonably unlikely. I enjoy this. I'm good at this. And these are easy going people who have their feet decently firmly on the ground. Everything seems very good.