Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year and Cake!

Happy New Year!

I usually do make resolutions for the New Year. They last until Spring starts to kick in. By then the resolutions have become habits, or the year is no longer 'new' thereby rendering the resolutions non-binding. They become more like guidelines, really. That is, if I remember them at all.
I don't foresee myself doing anything different this year. I'll make my resolutions, work some of them in as habit, and then forget I ever even made the others.
I'm resolving to write more. Each week will be rounded out by either a blog post, a full chapter for one of my writing projects, or a full page of research results.
I will read more. Each month will see a new book in my hands and that book will be tucked away in my head, cover to cover, before the next month. I will alternate fiction and non-fiction.
I will be charitable and more gentle in my dealings and in my thoughts, with others and myself.
I will learn to look forward to my future with enthusiasm and grasp it with gumption under my own steam.
I will make cake.


I made this white coconut cake for a baptism back in September. I made a triple batch so that I could make multiple layers and bake some batter in tin cans.
The tin can baking worked out great. The instructions I used recommended wrapping the can in foil before baking. For the cans I was using, that proved completely unnessecary and made for a longer, slightly less even, baking time. Use your discretion and leave about 2 inches of empty space if you should ever bake in a can.
It was moist and very delicate with a rich coconut flavor. I made a coconut butter cream (from a different recipe) and used apricot preserves for filling and topping. Altogether, it was rather a bit too sweet, so next time I bake this I will find some way to cut back on the sugar. Still, the cake itself is probably my favorite of all the coconut cakes I've ever had.

So. Here is my resolution. I will make this cake again, only with a more studied approach. I will take into account the overly saccharine taste of my previous decorating attempts and cut the sugar to its lowest point. I'm thinking that maybe a bitter-sweet chocolate filling would be ticket.

Sweet coconut, bitter chocolate...Simple, decadent...This is going to be a good year.


  1. I wish you the best of luck with your resolutions, including your cake baking task!
    Please do let us know the results of the revisited recipe.

  2. Thank you! I will absolutely post the great cake. Hopefully, you can enjoy it in person!