Monday, October 14, 2013

My Surprise

There's a pit that a few bloggers fall into- making their blog the best way for close friends to keep abreast of their lives. Events, emotions, opinions, developments all go on the blog. Friends become readers, then fans, then just another face in the crowd.
Real, meaningful friendships can develop through blogs. People who have never met in person find kinship in the souls each one bares to the ocean-vast internet. But too many folks have made it so that the friends they already had need to become blog-friends in order to maintain their relationships.
I decided not to do that. I have a couple people who are close to me as flesh, and I had to tell them this news in person first- which is why it's been so long since I've written.
My nanny-family has confirmed my position with them until January 2015!
I will remain as a live-in at my current rate, free from rent, utilities, or trying to muster up the motivation to cook dinner for one on late and lonely evenings.
This means no apartment, which means no dinner parties or game challenges. But it does mean a stable job for the next year with guaranteed pay.
It also means that I'm welcome, accepted, and appreciated. Keeping me as a nanny meant they recognized that I'm skilled in my job. Keeping me as a live-in means they like me as a person.
Thinking of that gives me a little piece of joy- one that I'm always surprised to receive.

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